Benefits of playing ice hockey

Many people associate ice hockey with high risks of getting injured and don’t see any benefits from this sports game. Although ice hockey really is risky and quite extreme, if you stay cautious and protect yourself, you not only won’t hurt yourself, but also gain some precious physical and mental health benefits.

Ice hockey is a great cardiovascular training just like running, cycling and swimming. It makes your heart rate and breathing to increase. It results as a burning body a fat, so playing ice hocky is a great way how to stay in shape. What are even most important, cardiovascular trainings strengthen your heart. That means there are a lot lower risks to get heart diseases which are the most common cause of death. So we might say that playing hockey might prolong the life of player.

Unlike other cardiovascular trainings, ice hockey also includes some parts of strength trainings as well. That means you not only lose the body fat, but also gain the muscle mass. Especially leg muscles of hockey players are very developed. Cardiovascular training together with strength training can noticeably improve the overall health and strength of body. It results as smaller chance of getting injured or sick.

Ice hockey also is a great way how to improve the coordination and balance. Skating itself requires great ability to balance your body, but in the game of hockey it’s taken in the whole new level. To play hockey you must react and move fast while you’re on the skates, so you will be forced to use your balance and coordination to not fall. Also there are other players on the ices and you must be stable even if someone pushes you. In this condition you will be able to improve these skills very fast.

As it was mentioned before, there is also mental gaining, not only physical. It is a great way how to improve the brain power. Hockey is not all about skating around the field and trying to hit the puck in the goal. It is very strategic game. You have to know all the physic laws to play it well. Both halves of your brain are engaged while ice hockey is being played.

And the last benefit is the great time you have. It is really fun and interesting game. Your mood will improve cardinally after the play. Also it is a way how to meet new people and improve your social life. Those people who are engaged with some sports activities usually are lot happier and satisfied with life.

So if you are interested in this game, don’t be afraid to play it, only because it is associated with high risk of injuries and traumas. Just learn everything gradually and always wear appropriate outfit. Then you will be able to enjoy the game and improve your health and quality of life in many different ways.