Ice hockey equipment

Hockey is a sports game which is played on very hard surface in high speed and with hard rubber puck. It is easy to get injured while playing this game, so there is very specific and complicated equipment used to protect the players.

The most important item of the equipment is helmet. It is meant to protect players head. They come in various shapes and sizes, but they all have face visors to fully protect the players face in case of falling on ice or other contact with something potentially dangerous. They are usually made of nylon with vinyl foam padding to reduce ensure the amortization and reduce any head traumas.

The next one is neck guard. It is also very important, because neck traumas in one of the most common ones in the game of hockey. It also is made of nylon and some padding for the comfort. Although it is an integral part of ice hockey equipment, many players choose to not wear it, because it is quite uncomfortable.

The next item is shoulder pads. They protect many meaningful parts of players’ body, such as ribs, chest, spine, shoulders etc. Basically it is a bulky vest with panels. These panels are quite resistant and can protect from skate blades and flying puck. This item is usually used only in professional ice hockey; beside some leagues don’t require it. If players don’t wear shoulder pads, they must avoid from any physical contact, which difficult the game.

Of course, there are also elbow and knee pads used. Joints are one of the weakest points of humans’ body, so they must be protected. Some of the joint pads even have some extensions to protect also upper arms and legs. They are made from resistant fiber with padding. These items are usually used in any game of hockey and are considered as basic parts of whole equipment.

Also shirt and pants are parts of equipment. They are not meant for protection, but to cover everything mentioned above. In professional ice hockey they are integral parts of equipment, because they have teams and sponsors logos on.

Then there is also mouth guard. It is assumed that all hockey players have lost some teeth during the games. The mouth guard is meant exactly for the teeth protection. They are usually made form elastic plastic. They can protect players’ moth and teeth in most cases, but it cannot completely exclude the chance of losing teeth.

And then of course, there are hockey skates. Just like any other skates they have sizes and many variations. Players can choose the most comfortable skates for them. Unlike figure skates, the blades have a rounded heel and no toe picks. They are dangerous if comes in contact with player.

And the last items are the sticks and the puck. Unlike everything mentioned above, they are integral parts of the game, not only protection. As we all know sticks are meant for controlling the puck, but the puck itself is the main object of the game – it must be shot into the goal to score.

This is the basic equipment of every hockey player. Goalies have more advanced equipment, because they have bigger chance of getting injured. Also there are some exceptions and supplements of equipment in some other cases, but this is what basic player needs.